An unimagined variety of materials and shapes

Wovenit makes it possible to create products which didn't exist as textile materials up until now. Products which may not have existed at all before. Because Wovenit makes them possible in the first place.

Wovenit can create perfectly formed two-dimensional surfaces but also extends into the third dimension upon request – spatial structures with any kind of shape are not a problem. An aside: These have nothing to do with traditional spacer fabrics. Because Wovenit combines the three textile processes weaving, warp knitting and knitting into one unique process and due to the flexible machine control, virtually any color pattern is possible. In the technology area you can learn more about the Wovenit technology.

Wovenit uses textile materials – to your benefit. Because there is hardly an industry which makes such a large variety of materials available. Yarns with different thread counts and out of different raw materials such as synthetic or natural fibers can be processed, but hybrid yarns can be used as well. Even metal wires, light guides and leather thread have already been processed successfully.

Some examples of actual Wovenit products:

A seat cover out of a robust, flame-retardant material which features a surface with many effects, has a seat warmer integrated into the fabric, and already has all attaching loops integrated so that the cover can be attached to the seat directly? Massage knobs, a logo, folds and rounds arranged as desired? Not a problem with Wovenit.

The inner covering of a car door out of high-grade fabric, including armrest, integrated switches, mounting elements for loudspeakers and a light guide which marks the door latches at night? Wovenit makes it possible.

A lamp shade for cozy room lighting, full of effects and with a unique surface and coloring, and also heat-resistant and easy-care? Wovenit is the suitable process.