The Wovenit process technology

The patented Wovenit process technology makes it possible to fabricate a product with a defined shape, surface, and design in one process step without any material waste whatsoever - with all mounting elements if necessary.

With the aid of specially outfitted textile machines, various materials can be combined with one another in different colors, structures, patterns, and interlacing. Partially varying strength and elasticity is achieved at every point in the product through the targeted combination of yarn guiding elements – this allows Wovenit to open up entirely new possibilities.

The process technology is based on the development of volumetric or 3D structures and utilizes the complex principle of three-dimensional knitting techniques. The basic principles are based on the process for manufacturing single-layer sock heals. First defined needles are deactivated incrementally, with the loops remaining on the deactivated needles in a resting position. In a further step, the needles are reactivated incrementally and the loops in resting positions are connected with the new loops. So the loops are first reduced in a targeted fashion and then increased again, creating so-called wedges as shaping elements.

This basic principle was applied to an electronically controlled textile machine and complemented with the patented process technology for inserting specified weft and/or warp threads. The familiar loops from knitting technology can be combined at will with the weft and warp threads from weaving techniques. This makes it possible to not just define various degrees of strength and elasticity but also allows for the reproduction of various weave and knit combinations. In this manner a complex three-dimensional structure with different surfaces is created in a single process step without any cutting or additional manufacturing cost, and the utilized material enters into the end product without additional waste.