Into the future with Wovenit

Wovenit opens up entirely new possibilities in product design. The reason is as simple as it is obvious: With the unique fabrication technology nearly any desired shapes can be manufactured and also equipped with functions in a targeted manner. This allows you to launch an unimagined diversity of shapes, colors, styling, and applications. And highly cost-effectively and efficiently at that.

The superior properties allow for an unimagined degree of freedom using Wovenit – and make it possible to create products which up until now have been unthinkable. The design aspect can prevail while maintaining full functionality – whether for a seat cover, a bag or a lamp shade. Or the focus is on the technical usefulness, such as for a filter element. The scope of possible products is extremely large.

Our experience from many conversations with customers has shown: Usually the designer's or developer's imagination reaches its limits before the Wovenit technology does. Therefore: Let your imagination run wild - and challenge us to make your ideas become real.

Do you have a product line which you want to freshen up with new stimulating ideas?

Or do you even have an idea for which you have not found a suitable fabrication process yet?

Talk to us, allow our qualified technicians to provide you with comprehensive consulting. Get to know the world of Wovenit.